Friday's meeting with Knox County delegation


Friday's meeting with Knox County delegation

Postby Hugh Nystrom on Mon Dec 31, 2018 5:48 pm


I am looking forward to seeing everyone soon as we begin the New Year in service to our community.

This Friday morning we will be meeting with the Knox County delegation to review and discuss priorities for the next year. We discussed our top issues in great detail at our last meeting. I have listed here the items that we had unanimous agreement.

Knox County Specific Issues:

1. Support and encourage review of and increase in funding for BEP for Knox County Schools. This would also include funding for any mandates from the state related to education. We want to avoid unfunded mandates.

2. Pass a private act to address our growth plan problems.

3. TDOT Funding for high priority local infrastructure projects. Northshore Drive, Tazewell Pike, Washington Pike, Pellissippi north of I-40/75.

4. As Tennessee reviews and establishes a process to collect Internet sales tax, insure that local sales tax is collected and sent back to local governments.

State Level issues that will positively impact all Counties including Knox County:

1. Register of Deeds - Restore the entire 5% commission for the register of deeds office. In 2006, it was reduced to 2.4%. We passed a resolution in support of this at the December meeting.

2. Sales Tax Administration Fee - Reduction from the current fee of 1.125% to 0.05% for the return of our local option sales tax from the Dept. of Revenue.

3. Corrections - Subsidies for housing state prisoners in county jail. State subsidies must be paid to the county from the date of conviction regardless of whether the prisoner is housed under a contract with the Dept. of Corrections. Current law mandates counties are paid at point of sentencing, which can be several months after the date of conviction.

4. Auto Liability Insurance - Raising the required minimum liability insurance for property damage from $15,000. To $25,000. Per accident. This will reduce associated losses to the county from vehicle accidents when a county owned vehicle is not at fault.

We will have limited time with the Knox County delegation Friday morning. If we keep this list brief and straight forward, it will be easier for them to remember when they get to Nashville to serve. Additionally, I believe that the recent changes to state government will also add a few more moving parts to our delegations focus this session as they begin to work with the new governor and other new legislators. Keeping our list relatively short and focused will help us get things done.

There will be a hill day for County Commissioners set up by the TCCA early in the session. I am sure many of you will also be communicating and working with individual representatives after the session begins. It will take frequent communication and hard work by Knox County Commission to help us achieve our goals for the session.

Thank you,

Chairman Nystrom
Hugh Nystrom
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Re: Friday's meeting with Knox County delegation

Postby John Schoonmaker on Mon Dec 31, 2018 6:10 pm


Thank you for posting this for our review.

Regarding the bill for the Register of Deeds which we supported and passed by resolution was filled in the TN Senate. It is bill # SB0017 and was filed by Senator Ferrell Haile from Nashville.

The TCSA Hill Day for County Commissioners is March 3 - 4, 2019.

Happy New Year!
John Schoonmaker
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