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Pharmacy Insurance – Administered by OptumRX

Group Number: KNOXCTY


Customer Service & Card Replacement: (844) 265-1774

Specialty Medication Pharmacy / BrioviaRx: (855) 427-4682

Use your OptumRx insurance card for pharmacy benefits.

In-network Pharmacies

To find an in-network pharmacy, follow this link.

Rates and Coverage

Please refer to the 2017 Benefits Guide for information on the 2017 rates and a summary of coverage.

Plan Documents

For a more detailed explanation of this benefit, please review the Prescription Option 1 plan summary or Prescription Option 2 and 3 plan summary.

Specialty Medications

Most drugs are “traditional medications.” A few drugs are considered “specialty” medications. Specialty medications will be subject to a coinsurance and maximum in 2017 on Options 2 and 3. Members can apply for manufacturer reimbursement programs through the maker of their medication but are not eligible to use manufacturer copay cards to decrease the cost at the point of sale.

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Value Medication* Deductible, then 20% up to the Out-of-Pocket Maximum 8% Coinsurance with a $100 Maximum/Rx
Preferred Medication* 15% Coinsurance with a $200 Maximum/Rx
Non-Preferred Medication* 25% Coinsurance with a $300 Maximum/Rx

 *Call the customer service number on the back of your OptumRx card to find out whether you are taking a value, preferred or non-preferred specialty medication. Ask your doctor and pharmacist about whether there are traditional medications or value specialty medications that you can try.

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