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Knox County Procurement

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ATTENTION: All potential vendors MUST be registered with the Procurement Division PRIOR to the issuance of a Purchase Order or Bid Submittal

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Name of Solication Bid Number Buyer Succesful Vendor
Powell Middle School Sidewalks 2429 Karen Smitherman Design and Construction Services, Inc
Powell Roadscapes Project 2457 Karen Smitherman Volunteer Erosion Control, LLC
Installation, Troubleshooting and Repair of School Bus GPS Equipment 2474 Heather Whitehead Clarke Power Supply
Tire Processing Services 2476 Karen Smitherman Liberty Tire Recycling
Heavy Equipment Parts and Repair 2475 Karen Smitherman Dickson County Equipment; Stowers Machinery Corp; Water's Equipment Co; West Hills Tractor, Inc.
Installation Services for Cable Networking 2469 Josh French Digital Group LLC
Produce for Government 2479 Jay Garrison Sysco
Telemedicine Peripherals 2481 Josh French Cancelled
Karns Valley Connector 2482 Karen Smitherman Jones Bros., Inc.
Consultant Services for the Knox County ADA Self Evaluation and Transition 2480 Ben Sharbel Kimley-Horn and Associates
Professional Engineering and Design Services 2478 Donnie Fawver EQUINOX
Cargo Vans 2484 Jay Garrison Reeder Chevrolet
Long Term Leased Fiber/Ethernet and Internet Service for Knox Co Public Lib 2470 Josh French AT and T
Video Detection Traffic Systems 2468 Karen Smitherman Progression Electric, LLC
Zero Turn Side Discharge Mowers 2488 Donnie Fawver Commercial Cutting Equipment, Inc.
Cultural Competency Training 2487 Josh French Cancelled
Mowing Services for CAC Head Start Centers 2485 Josh French Antonio’s Lawn Service
Kimberlin Heights Road Bridge Replacement 2489 Matt Myers Whaley & Sons, Inc.
Construction Management Services 2491 Ben Sharbel Partners Development
Seventeen (17) Passenger Buses 2486 Josh French Mid-South Bus Center
Printing Systems and Supplies 2496 Josh French Presentation Solutions
Maintenance of Proprietary Water Quality Devices 2483 Karen Smitherman HEPACO, LLC
Employee Psychological Services 2492 Jay Garrison Helen Ross McNabb Center, Inc.
Facility Recycling Services 2490 Karen Smitherman Waste Management, Waste Connections of Tennessee, Inc., Stericycle d/b/a Shred-It, LLC, and Diversified Plastics, Inc.
Water Treatment Chemicals for Cooling Towers and Boilers 2497 Tom Seagle Hydro Tech, Inc
Patrol Watercraft 2493 Jay Garrison Carolina Composites, Inc
Termite Control Services 2502 Tom Seagle Bruce Terminix Company
Hygiene Products 2501 Jay Garrison Mid-States Services
Commercial Water Softener System 2504 Jay Garrison Cancelled
Diagnostic Wheel Alignment System 2505 Ben Sharbel Snap-On Industrustrial
Indigent Primary Care Services 2506 Heather Whitehead Cherokee Health Systems
Officer Clothing and Accessories 2508 Jay Garrison Craig’s Firearm Supply, Inc., Summit Uniform Solutions, Inc. and MTCM Enterprises, Inc., dba Greene Military, dba Kay Uniforms
Sale and Redevelopment of Rule High School 2503 Ben Sharbel Cancelled
Collection Services for Knox County Schools 2498 Jay Garrison I C System, Inc.
Purchase and Maintenance/Repair of Washers and Dryers 2509 Jay Garrison Laundry Systems of Tennessee, Laundry Systems of the Carolinas
CAC Summer Milk Deliveries for 2017 2516 Jay Garrison Borden Dairy Company of Kenutcky, LLC
Produce for Schools 2511 Jay Garrison T and T Produce
Checkpoint Firewall Upgrade & Installation Services 2507 Josh French Cancelled
Food and Non-Food for Knox County Government 2510 Jay Garrison Reinhart Foodservice
Professional Engineering and Design Services 2515 Ben Sharbel Will Robinson & Associates
Kitchen Equipment Preventative Maintenance and Repair 2513 Jay Garrison Premier Food Equipment Service
Pedestrian Safety Improvements 2514 Karen Smitherman Southern Constructors, Inc.
Professional Engineering and Right of Way Services 2518 Matt Myers CDM Smith
Bridge Repairs 2499 Karen Smitherman Southern Constructors, Inc.
Plumbing Supplies 2520 Matt Myers Home Depot, Kenny Pipe and Supply, Ferguson Enterprises
Hybrid Vehicles 2521 Josh French Southeastern Fleet Management
Electrical Supplies 2517 Tom Seagle Kendall Electric; Consolidated Electrical Distributor; Home Depot; Irby
Centralized Banking Services for Knox County Schools 2527 Jay Garrison Cancelled
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act One-Stop Operator 2524 Josh French Cancelled
Checkpoint Firewall Upgrade and Installation Services 2534 Josh French Cadre
Inmate Shoes 2529 Donnie Fawver Cancelled
Loan Servicing for Community Development 2526 Josh French Cancelled
Beverage Dispensing Systems and Syrups 2531 Donnie Fawver Cancelled
FEM PM2.5 Continuous Monitoring Equipment 2532 Heather Whitehead Teledyne Advanced Pollution
Billboard Advertising Campaign Services 2537 Heather Whitehead Lamar Advertising
Insurance Brokerage Services 2539 Josh French Arthur J Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc.
Reading and Writing Software Technical Tool 2533 Josh French Don Johnston, Inc
Graphic Arts and Printing Services 2535 Donnie Fawver Smart Sournce, Universal Group
Transcription Services 2540 Heather Whitehead Precise Transcripts
Roof Replacement for Corryton Elementary and Holston Middle Schools 2536 Tom Seagle Henley Roofing Company
Broadcasting Rights for Sporting and School Events 2545 Matt Myers Pac-Man Sports Productions, Inc; M & M Productions USA
Food for Children's Special Services 2541 Heather Whitehead Cancelled
Ozone Monitoring Equipment 2547 Heather Whitehead Teledyne Advanced Pollution
Individually Wrapped Cookies 2543 Donnie Fawver Benjamin Foods, Good Source Solutions, Jenmax Foods, JP Sales
School Volunteer Verification System 2544 Tom Seagle Employment Screening Services, Inc.
Track Resurfacing and Restriping Services 2525 Tom Seagle Baseline Sports Construction, LLC
Hot Mix Hauling, Placement, Sidewalk and Curbing for FY18 2549 Karen Smitherman Rogers Group, Inc.
Schaeffer Road Extension 2550 Karen Smitherman APAC-Atlantic, Inc.
Copier Rental 2548 Josh French Nova Copy; Saratoga Technologies; Thermocopy of Tennessee
Equipment Rental Services 2553 Karen Smitherman APAC-Atlantic, Inc; Bobcat of Knoxville; Claiborne Hauling, LLC; Stowers Rental and Supply, Inc.
Motorcycle Maintenance and Repair 2552 Donnie Fawver Alcoa Good Times, Inc
Beverage Dispensing Systems and Syrups 2555 Donnie Fawver Coca-Cola Company
Vehicle Oil Change Services 2558 Donnie Fawver Cancelled
Fire Alarm Installation and Repair Services 2557 Tom Seagle Canceled
Procurement Card Services 2551 Ben Sharbel SunTrust
Cooperative Learning Training and Materials 2559 Josh French Kagan Professional Development
Leasing of Dishwashing Machines 2538 Jay Garrison Cancelled
Continuous Air Quality Monitoring Equipment 2560 Heather Whitehead Teledyne Advanced Pollution
Professional Learning Management System 2563 Matt Myers Frontline Education
One-Stop Operator & WIOA Title I Career Services for Adults, Dislocated Wor 2564 Matt Myers East Tennessee State University
Construction Engineering Inspection Services 2554 Karen Smitherman Amec Foster Wheeler; Gresham, Smith and Partners; Volkert, Inc.
Professional Mental Health Services 2567 Matt Myers Helen Ross McNabb Center
Food for Children's Special Services 2566 Heather Whitehead Med Diet; Lil's Dietary Speciality Shop
Corrections Furnishings 2561 Donnie Fawver Norix
Sale and Redevelopment of the Andrew Johnson Building 2542 Ben Sharbel BNA Associates
Safety Shoes 2565 Karen Smitherman Elliotts TN Boot Co LLC
Guardrail Services 2571 Karen Smitherman Tennessee Guardrail, Inc
Vehicle Oil Change Services 2570 Donnie Fawver Pinnacle Sales Company
Influenza Vaccination Administration Services 2569 Heather Whitehead Kroger
Diesel Engine Repair Services 2573 Karen Smitherman Tri County Auto Service
Bituminous Paver 2572 Karen Smitherman Cancelled
Skytrak Lift 2574 Tom Seagle Allied Toyota Lift
Investment Advisory Services 2562 Matt Myers USI Consulting Group
County Clerk Software Services 2568 Jay Garrison BIS
Community Partnership for Mental Health and Treatment Services 2575 Jay Garrison Helen Ross McNabb
Roof Project for Shannondale Elementary and Halls Middle Schools 2576 Tom Seagle Henley Roofing
Motorcycles 2581 Donnie Fawver Alcoa Good Times
School Bus Locator Software Suite Solution 2579 Heather Whitehead Safe Stop
Fire Alarm Services 2577 Tom Seagle Gallaher and Associates
Real Estate Appraisal Services 2580 Ben Sharbel Butler Appraisal Group; Crook and Company; Donald White and Associates; Pipkin and Associates; Volkert, Inc.
On-Site Interpretation Services 2583 Heather Whitehead Foreign Language Academy; Linguistica International; Spanish Language Solutions
Reel Grinder 2582 Jay Garrison Smith Turf and Irrigation
Vehicles 2585 Donnie Fawver Beaty Chevrolet Company
Dish Machines 2590 Jay Garrison Mobile Fixture
Moving Services 2591 Tom Seagle Armstrong Relocation Company
Intercom Installation and Repair 2592 Tom Seagle Gallaher and Associates; Consolidated Electronic Systems
Police Service Dogs 2596 Donnie Fawver Metro Dade K-9 Services
Storage and Waste Containers 2593 Tom Seagle Bakers Waste Equipment
Kitchen Hood Exhaust and Fire Suppression Inspection 2598 Jay Garrison Life Safety Inspections, LLC
Fencing Services 2594 Tom Seagle Stanley Fencing; East Tennessee Fence Company
Janitorial Services for Head Start Centers 2589 Christina Davin Cancelled
Cultural Competency Training Services 2599 Heather Whitehead University of Tennessee-Theory and Practice in Teacher Education
Carpet Tile Installation Services 2595 Tom Seagle Bonitz Flooring
School Buses for Head Start Centers 2588 Christina Davin Mid-South Bus Center, Inc.
Trucks 2600 Donnie Fawver Ray Varner Ford
Motorcycles 2604 Donnie Fawver Alcoa Good Times, Inc.
Behavioral Risk Factor Survelliance Survey 2603 Heather Whitehead Cancelled
Prisoner Transport Services 2605 Donnie Fawver U.S. Prisoner Transport
Biohazard Waste Collection and Disposal 2602 Tom Seagle Cancelled
CAC FEMA Food 2017 2607 Jay Garrison Galot, Inc.
Printing of Calendars 2597 Donnie Fawver All American Calendars LLC
Transmission Rebuild and Repair Services 2606 Karen Smitherman National Auto Parts, Inc.
Sign Posts 2608 Karen Smitherman Xcessories Squared
Passenger Van 2611 Donnie Fawver Freeland Chevrolet
Library Security Systems Monitoring 2616 Heather Whitehead Gallaher and Associates
Cargo Van 2612 Donnie Fawver Reeder Chevrolet
Heavy Equipment Trailer 2613 Karen Smitherman Econoline Trailers, Inc
Miscellaneous Construction and or Renovation Services 2614 Tom Seagle K & F Construction; Shelton General Construction; Skilled Services Quality Construction; Stooksbury Construction
Carter Convenience Center Renovation 2618 Ben Sharbel Merit Construction
Car Washing Services 2617 Karen Smitherman Volunteer Auto Wash, Inc
BMX Starting Gate 2620 Jay Garrison Cancelled
An Addition and Renovation to Inskip Elementary School 2615 Tom Seagle Evans-Ailey Construction, Inc
Blinds, Shades and Supplies 2609 Tom Seagle Shades
Railroad Crossing Safety Improvements 2578 Karen Smitherman Volunteer Highway Supply Co., Inc.
Recode Knoxville Outreach and Engagement 2621 Ben Sharbel Knoxville Area Urban League; Socially Equal Energy Efficient Development (SEEED)
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey 2624 Heather Whitehead University of Tennessee
Professional Engineering and Planning Services 2622 Ben Sharbel KCI Technologies, Inc.
Keys, Locks and Locking Systems 2610 Tom Seagle FM George Safe and Lock Company
Inmate Commissary Items 2626 Donnie Fawver Keefe Group; Kimble's; Mid-States; Vistar/Liberty
Sidewalk Master Plan for Knox County 2623 Karen Smitherman Gresham Smith & Partners
Pumping of Grease Traps 2633 Jay Garrison Cancelled
Site Furniture 2628 Jay Garrison Jamestown Advanced Products Co.; Howlett Furniture
Preventative Maintenance of UPS Units 2627 Jay Garrison Cancelled
Heavy Machinery Tires 2629 Karen Smitherman Free Service Tire Compnay and National Auto Parts, Inc.
Janitorial Services for Head Start Centers 2631 Christina Davin Knox-Blount Maintenance
Traffic Signal Maintenance and Service 2630 Karen Smitherman Progression Electric, LLC
Biohazard Waste Collection and Disposal Services 2625 Tom Seagle Stericycle
Sale and Redevelopment of Rule High School 2619 Ben Sharbel Cancelled
Green Waste Recycling Services 2635 Karen Smitherman Cancelled
Mowing Services 2634 Jay Garrison B & D Lawn Care and Landscaping; Landscape Workshop
After School Care Program Services 2636 Heather Whitehead Kid's Place; Kid's Place at Sequoyah; KidTime; Shades of Development; YMCA of East Tennessee
Sarah Moore Greene Magnet Academy Roof Upgrades 2640 Donnie Fawver Morristown Roofing Company Inc.
Cost Allocation Services 2639 Jay Garrison Cancelled
Westland Drive at Emory Road Intersection Improvements 2641 Karen Smitherman Duracap Asphalt Paving Co., Inc.
BMX Starting Gate 2642 Jay Garrison Cancelled
Pumping of Grease Traps 2646 Jay Garrison Kington Sewer-Septic Drain Claining Service, Inc
Heat Seal Trays, Fruit Cups, Film 2643 Christina Davin Southeastern Paper Group
Homeland Security Consulting Services 2648 Ben Sharbel Gregory Holt Clark
Portable Classroom Buildings 2650 Tom Seagle Skilled Services; Vesta Housing Solutions
Property Assessor Business Program 2651 Ben Sharbel Government Services & Associates and Tax Management Associates
Buttermilk Road Realignment Project 2645 Karen Smitherman Cancelled
Intersection Improvements for Emory Road at Cate Road 2652 Karen Smitherman Cancelled
Advanced Manufacturing Lab Equipment 2657 Tom Seagle Learning Labs, Inc.; Technical and Educational Training Aids
Ammunition 2654 Donnie Fawver Accurate Law Enforcement, Craig's Firearm Supply & Precision Delta Corp.
Knox County Health Care Program Software 2656 Heather Whitehead Cancelled
Passenger Vans 2644 Christina Davin Cancelled
Refrigerated Box Truck 2653 Christina Davin Reeder Chevrolet
Powell Elementary Sidewalk Installation 2659 Karen Smitherman Southern Constructors, Inc.
Canine Pest Detection Services 2660 Heather Whitehead Dog Inspectors, LLC
Hybrid Vehicles 2655 Christina Davin Cancelled
Preventative Maintenance UPS units 2663 Jay Garrison DC Group
CAC Summer Milk Deliveries 2018 2661 Jay Garrison Cancelled
Hot Mix Hauling, Placement, Sidewalk and Curbing FY2019 2662 Karen Smitherman Rogers Group, Inc.
Serving Line Equipment 2665 Jay Garrison Mobile Fixture
HVAC Electric Motor Repair Services 2637 Jay Garrison Cancelled
Green Waste Recycling Services 2666 Karen Smitherman The LETCO Group, LLC dba Living Earth
Single Phase UPS Replacement 2667 Jay Garrison Cancelled
Corporate Gym Memberships 2664 Karen Smitherman National Fitness Center and The YMCA of East Tennessee
Transporting of Voting Machines 2669 Christina Davin Knox Distribution, Inc.
Plumbing Services 2632 Tom Seagle Del-Air Mechanical; McMahan Mechanical; Chris Haggard Plumbing
Campbell Station Slope Repair 2658 Karen Smitherman Charles Blalock and Sons, Inc.
CAC Summer Milk Deliveries 2018 2686 Christina Davin Borden Dairy Company of Kentucky, LLC
Miscellaneous Construction and Renovation Services 2673 Donnie Fawver A-1 Certified; ABC Weatherization; Lloyds Electric Service; Premier Services Group; Wright Contracting
AVL-GPS Services 2670 Karen Smitherman LB Technology, Inc.
Litter Outreach Education and Coordination Services 2671 Karen Smitherman Keep Knoxville Beautiful, Inc.
Batteries 2675 Tom Seagle Master Battery; Batteries Plus
Background Screening Services 2678 Jay Garrison Southeastern Security Consultants, Inc.
Transmission Rebuild and Repair Services 2674 Donnie Fawver Cancelled
IC King Park Turn Lanes 2677 Karen Smitherman Whaley Construction, LLC
Automatic External Defibrillator & Accessories 2679 Heather Whitehead Cancelled
Hepatitis B Vaccine 2680 Heather Whitehead Dixon Shane LLC dba R&S Northeast LLC
Golf Cart Lease Program 2681 Jay Garrison E-Z-GO
Formative Assessment Software 2676 Christina Davin Edulastic and SchoolCity
Surveying Services 2689 Ben Sharbel Barge Design Solutions, JMC Surverying and Mapping, Robert G. Campbell and Associates, Vaughn and Melton
Compact Utility Tractor 2684 Karen Smitherman Farragut Lawn and Tractor
HVAC Electric Motor Repair Services 2688 Tom Seagle Cancelled
Fire Protection Systems Maintenance for KCSO 2668 Donnie Fawver Johnson Controls, Inc
Flexible Spending Account and Health Reimbursement Administration Services 2695 Christina Davin TASC
Generator Replacement 2697 Jay Garrison Massey Electric Company
WIOA Title I Out-of-School Youth Services 2683 Christina Davin Cancelled
COBRA Administrative Services 2696 Jay Garrison ASI
Trailer-Mounted Hot Tack Sprayer 2692 Karen Smitherman Stowers Machinery Corporation
Employee Vision Benefit Services 2694 Christina Davin EyeMed
Health, Physical Activity and Access to Parks and Recreation Study 2687 Heather Whitehead The University of Tennessee
Employee Dental Benefit Services 2690 Jay Garrison Delta Dental
HVAC Supplies 2699 Tom Seagle Archer Air Conditioning; Fenco Supply; Trane; United Refrigeration
Twenty Foot Drop Deck Trailer 2691 Karen Smitherman Stowers Machinery
Compact Track Loader 2693 Karen Smitherman Stowers Machinery
Kodak Road Bridge Replacement 2685 Karen Smitherman Charles Blalock and Sons
School Instructional Supplies 2700 Heather Whitehead Multiple Vendors
Electronic Signs 2702 Tom Seagle Sycamore Sign Service and Signco, Inc.
Automatic External Defibrillator and Accessories 2706 Heather Whitehead AED Brands
Brown-Colored Textiles 2705 Donnie Fawver Bob Barker, Victory Supply and Tabb Textiles
Medical Supplies 2707 Heather Whitehead Henry Schein; Concordance Healthcare Solutions; D's Ventures; School Health Corporation
Dental Medical Supplies 2708 Heather Whitehead Dental Health Products, Inc
Differentiated Instruction Training 2710 Heather Whitehead A+ Educators
Knox County Greenway Corridor Studies 2711 Jay Garrison Gresham Smith and Partners
Library Furniture and Accessories 2709 Christina Davin Synergy Business Environments
HVAC Supplies 2712 Tom Seagle Cancelled
Guttering and Aluminum Walkway Covers 2715 Tom Seagle C. M. Henley Company and Skilled Services
Excavation Services 2713 Tom Seagle Stooksbury Construction
School Transportation Services 2714 Heather Whitehead Cancelled
Hazardous Waste Collection Services 2716 Tom Seagle Tradebe Environmental Services; Spectra Environmental Services
Concrete 2717 Tom Seagle No award-cancelled
HVAC Electric Motor Repair Service 2720 Tom Seagle Industrial Service Electric
Seven Passenger Minivans 2722 Christina Davin TT of Columbia
Traffic Control Equipment 2718 Karen Smitherman AWP, Inc.; Saf-T Enterprises; and Vulcan, Inc. d/b/a Vulcan Signs d/b/a Vulcan Aluminum
Paving Services 2721 Tom Seagle Duracap Asphalt Paving Company
Transmission Rebuild and Repair Services 2719 Karen Smitherman Trans-Tech Inc. d/b/a Budget Transmissions
Sign Language Interpreter Services 2723 Christina Davin Cancelled
Tires 2726 Karen Smitherman American Tire Distributors and Monro, Inc. d/b/a Free Service Tire
Mathematics Consulting and Professional Development 2728 Christina Davin Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Community Health Assessment 2729 Jay Garrison The University of Tennessee
Wireless Clock System 2725 Tom Seagle Gallaher & Associates
Hand Guns 2731 Donnie Fawver Craig's Firearms; GT Distributors
OEM Auto Parts 2724 Tom Seagle Ted Russell Ford; Reeder Chevrolet; Newbegin Enterprises, Inc.
General Medical Supplies 2730 Donnie Fawver NAO Global Health; Henry Schein
Maintenance of Proprietary Water Quality Devices 2727 Karen Smitherman Tradebe Environmental Services LLC
Environmental Review Services 2734 Ben Sharbel S&ME; QE2
Cargo and Passenger Vans 2733 Donnie Fawver Reeder's Chevrolet
Key Control System 2736 Donnie Fawver Morse Watchmans Inc
Sign Language-Interpreter Services 2738 Christina Davin Visual Communication Interpreting, Inc.
Full Depth Reclamation Services 2732 Karen Smitherman Road Worx, Inc.
Trees and Plants 2739 Jay Garrison Cancelled – no bids received
Professional Mental Health Services 2740 Donnie Fawver Correct Care Solutions
Inmate Underwear 2735 Donnie Fawver Bob Barker; Victory Supply
Nutritional Drinks 2737 Donnie Fawver National Food Group
Full Body Scanner 2742 Jay Garrison Advanced Detection Solutions, LLC.
Waste and Recycling Equipment 2743 Karen Smitherman Bakers Waste Equipment
General Motors OEM Parts 2746 Karen Smitherman Ken Smith Auto Parts, Inc.; Master Battery, LLC; West Chevrolet, Inc.
Ford OEM Parts 2750 Karen Smitherman Master Battery, LLC, Ken Smith Auto Parts, and Newbegin Enterprises, Inc.
Dodge and Chrysler OEM Parts 2749 Karen Smitherman Ken Smith Auto Parts, Newbegin Enterprises, Inc., & Rocky Top Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Childrens Shelf Stable Meals 2754 Christina Davin JA Foodservice Corporation
Sign Posts 2756 Karen Smitherman Xcessories Squared
Proposed Clearing for the Ball Camp Pike (Schaad Road) Relocation 2757 Karen Smitherman Cancelled-single bid was well in excess of budget.
Humidity Control Panels 2755 Jay Garrison Humitech of Knoxville, TN Inc.
Printing Services for Senior Service Directory 2758 Christina Davin Walsworth Publishing Company, Inc
Grounds Equipment and Supplies 2745 Tom Seagle Mayo Garden Centers
Children Support Services 2752 Jay Garrison The Boys and Girls Club of the Tennessee Valley
Pavement Management System 2747 Jay Garrison Applied Pavement Technology, Inc.
Hygiene Products 2760 Donnie Fawver Bob Barker; Premiere Scientific
Medical Bill Review Services 2744 Karen Smitherman Rising Medical Solutions
Pre-Cast Concrete and Cast Iron Grates 2765 Karen Smitherman Foley Products Company
Ice Cream for Schools 2766 Jay Garrison Mayfield Dairy Farms, LLC
Helicopter Parts and Service 2764 Donnie Fawver Summit Helicopter
Stage Curtains and Rigging Services 2753 Tom Seagle Delbert L Hall, LLC and Georgia Stage, LLC.
Maynardville Highway Street Lighting Project 2763 Karen Smitherman Progression Electric, LLC
HVAC Air Filters 2759 Tom Seagle Fenco Supply Company
Mowing and General Grounds Maintenance Services 2768 Ben Sharbel KMF III; Lasting Impressions Lawn Care
Backflow Services 2769 Tom Seagle Backflow Specialty Company, Inc.
Defined Services for Nonprofit Agencies 2767 Ben Sharbel Multiple Awards
Vehicle Graphics 2770 Donnie Fawver Parrott Printing
Pest Control Services 2748 Tom Seagle Dodson Pest Control; Orkin, LLC
Powell Middle School Kitchen Renovations 2775 Tom Seagle P & W Construction
Frame, Body, and Suspension Alignment Services 2776 Karen Smitherman Cancelled
Milk for Government 2779 Jay Garrison Mayfield Dairy Farms, LLC
Golf Course Sand 2773 Vicky Bills Short Mountain Silica
Concrete 2777 Karen Smitherman APAC-Atlantic, Inc. d/b/a Harrison Construction
HVAC Units 2778 Christina Davin Johnstone Supply
Produce for Government 2783 Jay Garrison T and T Produce
Pathology Laboratory Services 2781 Heather Whitehead Knoxville Dermatopathology Laboratory
Walk-In Freezers and Refrigerators 2782 Jay Garrison Katom Restaurant Supply, Inc.
Electrical Services 2788 Tom Seagle Andrews Electric; Energy Electric; McGaha Electric; Skilled Services
Web-Based Assessment and Monitoring/Management Response to Intervention (RT 2784 Christina Davin Cancelled
Carpet and Floor Cleaning Services 2741 Tom Seagle National Building Service; DPM Enterprises
Snow Plows 2787 Karen Smitherman B & H Sales
Office Furniture 2785 Heather Whitehead A & W Supply
Golf Course Chemicals and Fertilizer 2774 Jay Garrison Harrell's, LLC; J.R. Simplot Company; SiteOne Landscape Supply
Medical Waste Collection and Disposal Services 2791 Donnie Fawver Cancelled
Athletic Field Supplies and Fertilizers 2790 Jay Garrison SiteOne Landscape Supply
Commodity Processing 2786 Jay Garrison Various; See Bid Tab
Quick Service Meals 2789 Heather Whitehead Dead End BBQ; Baron's
CAC Summer Milk Deliveries 2019 2792 Jay Garrison Borden Dairy Company of Kentucky, LLC
Environmental Stewardship Program 2771 Karen Smitherman Outdoor Designs Professional Services, LLC; Volunteer Erosion Control, LLC
Frame, Body and Suspension Alignment Services 2795 Karen Smitherman Courtesy Body Works, Inc.
Video Surveillance System 2772 Tom Seagle Central Technologies
Hybrid Vehicles 2796 Christina Davin Cancelled
Information Technology Monitoring Services 2797 Heather Whitehead Sword and Shield Enterprise Security
Metal and Plastic Pipe 2794 Karen Smitherman Superior Drainage Products, Inc.
Visually Impaired Braille Equipment 2793 Jay Garrison Humanware USA, Inc
Traffic Data Collection Services 2801 Ben Sharbel National Data and Surveying Services
Concrete Work & Repair Service 2802 Karen Smitherman Ronald Franks Construction Co., LLC
Fire Sprinkler Services 2800 Tom Seagle Associated Fire Services
Surplus Book Removal Services 2798 Heather Whitehead Textbook Warehouse
Industrial Washing Machine 2780 Donnie Fawver Laundry Systems of Carolinas
Toxicology Services 2803 Heather Whitehead Axis Forensic Technology
Dark Fiber Service 2804 Christina Davin Wow! Business
Medical Waste Collection Disposal Services 2806 Donnie Fawver Medical Waste of America LLC
External Evaluator Services 2805 Heather Whitehead AnLar, LLC
Hybrid Vehicles 2836 Christina Davin Morristown Ford
Hot Mix Hauling, Placement, Sidewalk and Curbing FY20 2840 Karen Smitherman APAC-Atlantic, Inc.
Employee Assistance Services 2858 Christina Davin ComPsych
Lead Construction Services for Community Action Committee 2854 Donnie Fawver ABC Weatherization; FC Contractors, LLC
Dish Machine for Bearden Middle School 2856 Jay Garrison Katom Restaurant Supply, Inc
Long Distance Services 2839 Christina Davin Cancelled
Waste Collection Services 2857 Karen Smitherman Waste Management, Inc. of Tennessee
Delinquent Tax Surplus Real Estate Auction None Ben Sharbel Multiple Awards
Cafeteria Chemicals and Towels 2860 Jay Garrison Cintas Corporation
Trees and Plants 2859 Jay Garrison SiteOne Landscape Supply
Walk-In Cooler/Freezer for Norwood Elementary School 2862 Jay Garrison Katom Restaurant Supply, Inc
Internet Service 2863 Christina Davin Wow Business
School Buses for Head Start Centers 2861 Christina Davin Mid-South Bus Center
Commercial Boiler/Hydronic Services 2865 Tom Seagle Advanced Boiler and Combustion, Inc.
Actuarial Review of Self-Insured Health Plan 2864 Christina Davin USI
Asset Management System 2868 Ben Sharbel Hayes Software Systems
Real Property Value and Dispute Resolution Services 2873 Ben Sharbel Clarus Tennessee, LLC
Recycled Material Recovery Services 2870 Karen Smitherman WestRock Converting, LLC
Homeland Security Consultant Services 2876 Ben Sharbel IEM
Generator Maintenance and Repair Services 2874 Tom Seagle Advanced Boiler and Combustion, Inc.
Vehicle Body Shop and Repair Services 2878 Donnie Fawver Dalton Collision; Jim McMicheal; Malibu Collision; Rick's Collision/Clinton Wrecker Service
Truck Service Bodies 2879 Karen Smitherman Cancelled
Asphalt and Concrete Repair Services 2881 Ben Sharbel PRI of East TN; J.G. Mullins Construction Company