Knox County Tennessee

Knox County Procurement

Pending Solicitations

ATTENTION: All potential vendors MUST be registered with the Procurement Division PRIOR to the issuance of a Purchase Order or Bid Submittal

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Name of Solicitation Solicitation Number Deadline Due Date Buyer
Non-delinquent Tax Surplus Real Estate Auction None 05-30-19 Ben Sharbel
Drug Testing Services 2869 07-17-19 Jay Garrison
Floating Waterpark 2867 07-30-19 Jay Garrison
Knox Blount Greenway 2866 08-01-19 Jay Garrison
HVAC Supplies 2877 08-08-19 Tom Seagle
Diesel Engine Repair Services 2880 08-30-19 Karen Smitherman
Voting System 2882 09-04-19 Christina Davin