Knox County Tennessee

Knox County Procurement

Pending Solicitations

ATTENTION: All potential vendors MUST be registered with the Procurement Division PRIOR to the issuance of a Purchase Order or Bid Submittal

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Name of Solicitation Solicitation Number Deadline Due Date Buyer
Knox County Greenway Corridor Studies 2711 07-31-18 Jay Garrison
HVAC Supplies 2712 08-08-18 Tom Seagle
School Transportation Services 2714 08-16-18 Heather Whitehead
Hazardous Waste Collection Services 2716 08-22-18 Tom Seagle
Traffic Control Equipment 2718 08-30-18 Karen Smitherman
Community Health Assessment 2729 09-13-18 Jay Garrison
OEM Auto Parts 2724 09-20-18 Tom Seagle
Sign Language-Interpreter Services 2738 10-17-18 Christina Davin
Trees and Plants 2739 10-23-18 Jay Garrison
Professional Mental Health Services 2740 10-23-18 Donnie Fawver
Inmate Underwear 2735 10-25-18 Donnie Fawver
Full Body Scanner 2742 10-30-18 Jay Garrison
Waste and Recycling Equipment 2743 11-01-18 Karen Smitherman
General Motors OEM Parts 2746 11-07-18 Karen Smitherman
Ford OEM Parts 2750 11-08-18 Karen Smitherman
Dodge and Chrysler OEM Parts 2749 11-08-18 Karen Smitherman
Childrens Shelf Stable Meals 2754 11-14-18 Christina Davin