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When Spring is in the Air. So is the POLLEN!

We call it "Spring Fever". It's a beautiful day with trees bursting into bloom and the grass popping up around us. The air smells so fresh and clean and fragrant with spring flowers. We feel upbeat and have a bounce in our step.

That is unless you have seasonal allergies. Then your nose is itchy and either running or congested, your eyes are red and watering and you might be sneezing. The trees, grass, and flowers are coming back to life and releasing large amounts of pollen from Feburary to September of each year.

You are not alone. You are among 72 million of your fellow Americans who suffer from allergies to pollens and molds. Allergists recommend avoidance as the first line of defense against seasonal allergies.

Here are ways you can reduce your seasonal allergy symptoms:
  • Stay indoors when pollen counts are high and on windy days when pollen and dust are blown about.
  • Use air conditioning and a dehumidfier to clean, cool, and dry air.
  • Shower or bathe and change clothes following outdoor activities to remove pollen and fungal spores from your hair, skin and clothing.
  • Don't hang clothes outside to dry.
  • Wear a mask when doing yard work to filter out pollen particles and mold spores.
  • Keep windows closed at night to prevent pollen and fungal spores from entering the house.
  • Take your vacation to a more pollen free area, such as the beach or sea.

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