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Dagwood Sandwich

The name of the organization shall be DAGWould? and that stands for Disability Advisory Group Would advise or recommend what on issues facing the disability community of Knox County. The Dagwood sandwich is known for its size, number of meats, cheeses and condiments. The sandwich is always topped with an olive that has a toothpick inserted in it. The ADA Transition Plan is similar in that it is complex and has many parts and priorities. The cost to implement the plan is significant as well. There is much to “chew on” with this plan and the plan needs to be broken into smaller “bites” so that compliance can be achieved. The olive and the toothpick represent the top priorities that the disability advisory group would recommend. Hence, the name of the group.


  1. Provide recommendations on the top priorities listed in the ADA Transition Plan as over one third of the priorities in the plan are ranked “high”.
  2. Serve as an advisory group to the Knox County Mayor and Knox County Commission in matters concerning persons with disabilities.
  3. Promote coordination and communication in working with various Knox County departments as plans for the construction of new county facilities are developed and constructed.


DAGWould? shall consist of nine voting members who are appointed by the Knox County Mayor and approved by Knox County Commission. The members shall include 50% persons with disabilities and represent a wide range of disabilities. In addition, members shall include persons who are familiar with issues/concerns of persons with disabilities and represent a variety of service interests.

Term of Membership

The term shall begin with a meeting in the month that follows Knox County Commission approval. A term will consist of four (4) years with 4 members serving an initial two (2) year term and five (5) members serving an initial full four (4) year term. A maximum of two (2) consecutive four (4) year terms is permitted.


The officers of DAGWould? shall be chairperson, vice-chair person and secretary. Officers shall be elected from the DAGWould? membership at their first meeting and serve for a term of one (1) year with a maximum of two (2) consecutive terms.


Regular meetings of DAGWould? shall be held monthly initially with the possibility of going to every other month. The month, day and time shall be determined by vote at the first meeting of DAGWould? in the month following approval of DAGWould? by Knox County Commission. All meetings of DAGWould? shall give adequate public notice.

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