Knox County Tennessee

Knox County Purchasing


ATTENTION: All potential vendors MUST be registered with the Purchasing Division PRIOR to the issuance of a Purchase Order or Bid Submittal

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Name of Solication Bid Number Opens Buyer
Carpet Tiles and Renewed Carpet Tiles 2089 12-29-14 Tom Seagle
Promotional Items 2091 12-30-14 Donnie Fawver
Waste Oil and Hydrocarbon Collection Services 2093 12-30-14 Karen Smitherman
Tax Consulting Services 2092 01-06-15 Mike Reeves
Printing of Senior Directory 2095 01-07-15 Marra McGinley
Centralized Instructional Software 2094 01-08-15 Mike Reeves
Stormwater Infrastructure Mapping 2057 01-08-15 Karen Smitherman
Human Resources and Payroll Information System 2096 01-09-15 Mike Reeves
Golf Course Irrigation and Sprinkler System 2097 01-13-15 Mike Reeves
Concrete Work 2099 01-21-15 Karen Smitherman
Precast Concrete and Cast Iron Grates 2098 01-22-15 Karen Smitherman
Tax Processing Solution 2105 01-27-15 Ben Sharbel
Vehicle Exhaust Removal System 2107 01-29-15 Jay Garrison
Printing of Knox County Schools Coupon Book 2106 02-04-15 Mike Reeves