Knox County Tennessee

Knox County Purchasing


ATTENTION: All potential vendors MUST be registered with the Purchasing Division PRIOR to the issuance of a Purchase Order or Bid Submittal

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Name of Solication Bid Number Opens Buyer
Architectural and Engineering Services 2076 10-28-14 Ben Sharbel
Inmate Footwear 2078 10-29-14 Diane Woods
Industrial Lubricants 2072 11-04-14 Karen Smitherman
Electric Salt Spreaders 2074 11-05-14 Karen Smitherman
Drug and Alcohol Testing Services 2081 11-06-14 Mike Reeves
Inmate Uniforms 2077 11-06-14 Diane Woods
Solid Waste and Recycling Waste Equipment 2075 11-12-14 Karen Smitherman
Seventeen Passenger Bus 2083 11-12-14 Jay Garrison
Records Storage Shelving and Accessories 2082 11-14-14 Mike Reeves
Remanufactured Ammunition 2080 11-14-14 Diane Woods
Beverage Services for Three Ridges Golf Course 2084 11-21-14 Mike Reeves