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Name of Solication Bid Number Buyer Succesful Vendor
Professional Engineering Services 2196 Matt Myers CDM Smith
Asbestos Monitoring Services 2185 Tom Seagle Professional Environmental Colsulting, S&ME
Paper and Paper Products 2198 Jay Garrison Athen's Paper, Xpedx
Travel Management Services 2200 Matt Myers World Travel Service, Inc.
Bucket Truck 2197 Tom Seagle Equipment Technology, LLC
Domestic Violence Shelter 2192 Ben Sharbel GEM Technologies, Inc.
Radio Systems Consulting Firm 2201 Jay Garrison Blue Wing Services
Employee Classification and Compensation Analysis Services 2208 Diane Woods L O Rabinowitz Consulting
Meadow Crest Subdivision Improvements 2206 Karen Smitherman Blount Excavating, Inc.
Drainage and Roadway Improvements for Asbury Road 2205 Karen Smitherman Duracap Asphalt Paving, Inc.
Waste Oil and Hydrocarbon Collection Services 2209 Karen Smitherman SPectra Environmental Group
Supplemental Nursing Staffing Services 2210 Diane Woods @Work Medical Services; Nurst First; Medical Solutions
Group Life Insurance and ADD Insurance 2204 Matt Myers Aetna
Emergency Debris Monitoring Services 2207 Jay Garrison Tetra Tech, Inc.
Hardin Valley Road Improvements 2211 Karen Smitherman Southern Constructors, Inc.
Beverage Services 2216 Jay Garrison Pepsico Beverage Services
Gas Cards 2213 Josh French Pilot Corporation
Collection Services 2212 Jay Garrison Capital Recovery Systems
Small Pickup Truck 2214 Jay Garrison Cancelled
Sport Utility Vehicle 2215 Jay Garrison Southeastern Fleet Management
Electrical Repair and Installation Services 2217 Tom Seagle Skilled Services; CN Copeland; McGaha Electric
Classroom Supplies 2218 Josh French School Specialty, Inc; Early Childhood d/b/a Discount School Supply; S & S Worldwide
School Bus Video Camera System 2222 Jay Garrison AngelTrax Bus Video, Inc.
Compact Excavator 2219 Josh French Bobcat of Knoxville
Assessment of KCS Student Transportation 2223 Matt Myers School Bus Consultants, LLC
KCS Student Transportation Assessment 2223 Matt Myers School Bus Consultants, LLC
CAC Electrical Services 2220 Donnie Fawver Cancelled
Playground Equipment 2221 Donnie Fawver Bliss Products
Maintenance and Repair of Solid Waste Equipment 2276 Karen Smitherman John's Mobile Repair Service
Housing and Energy Services CAC 2272 Donnie Fawver ABC Weatherization, A1 Certification, Cota's Comfort Heating, Keith Powell, JW Wallace
Three Quarter Ton Pickup Trucks 2225 Tom Seagle Ted Russell Ford; Reeder Chevrolet
KGIS Aerial, LiDAR, and Topographic Map Update 2281 Ben Sharbel The Atlantic Group
Miscellaneous Construction and Renovation Services 2277 Donnie Fawver A_1 Certified, ABC Weatherization, First Place Finish, Keith Powell Heat and Air
High Speed Printers 2275 Josh French Riso, Inc.; NovaCopy
Installation and Repair of GPS School Bus Equipment 2226 Jay Garrison Davis Bus Lines; LB Technology, Inc.
Installation Removal and Repair of Digital Video Bus System 2274 Jay Garrison Davis Bus Lines, Davis Installs
Custodial Equipment Repair Services 2273 Tom Seagle Kelsan
Career and Technical Education Software 2279 Jay Garrison Edmentum
Prefabricated Restroom Building 2280 Donnie Fawver UBC Precast
On Call Geotechnical Consulting and Materials Testing Services 2283 Karen Smitherman S and ME, Inc.
Elevator Inspection and Repair Services 2224 Tom Seagle National Elevator
Pickup Truck with Service Body 2278 Donnie Fawver Ted Russell Ford
KCS Playground Equipment 2285 Tom Seagle Grounds for Play; Great Southern Recreation; Playcore Wisconsin d/b/a Gametime
Rotary Boom Mower 2286 Karen Smitherman Dickson County Equipment
Sport Utility Vehicle 2289 Jay Garrison Southeastern Fleet Management
Bleacher Repair Services 2282 Tom Seagle First Place Finish; Charron Sports Service
Bread for Government 2295 Jay Garrison Bimbo Bakeries USA, Inc
Passenger Buses 2288 Josh French Mid-South Buses
Check Guarantee Services 2296 Jay Garrison TeleCheck, Inc.
Hybrid Vehicles 2297 Josh French Southeastern Fleet Management
Primary Care Provider for Children on TennCare 2306 Matt Myers Cherokee Health Systems
Officer Clothing and Accessories 2299 Diane Woods Galls; Summit Uniforms
Laser Scanner 2287 Diane Woods Cancelled
Dry Bulk Food Items 2305 Jay Garrison Cancelled
Diesel Engine Repair Services 2301 Karen Smitherman Cancelled
Design Build Services 2307 Ben Sharbel Rouse Construction; Denark Construction
Housing and Energy Services for Community Action Committee 2308 Donnie Fawver First Place Finish and Powell Brothers Contracting
Inmate Shoes 2300 Diane Woods Victory Supply Inc.
Digital Archive Writing to Microfilm 2303 Ben Sharbel Raycom Data Technologies
Mowing Services for Knox County Schools 2294 Tom Seagle Avalawn, Lasting Impressions Lawn Care, Grassworks Landscaping, Denny;s Lawn and Landscaping, McMillan Services
Real Estate Services 2304 Tom Seagle Wood Properties
Attended Donation Center Collection Services 2310 Karen Smitherman Goodwill Industries-Knoxville, Inc.
Inmate Pharmacy Management Services 2298 Diane Woods Diamond Pharmacy Services
Trademark and Licensing Services 2309 Josh French Learfield Licensing Partners dba LRG Prep LLC
Spring Hill Roofing Project 2302 Tom Seagle Henley Roofing Company
Waste Tire Hauling Services 2316 Karen Smitherman Cancelled
Tactical Weapons 2312 Diane Woods Clyde Armory
Leased Cargo Vans 2315 Josh French Southeastern Fleet Management
Floor Tile and Related Supplies 2319 Tom Seagle Greater Tennessee Flooring
Vehicles 2318 Matt Myers Ted Russell Ford
Paint and Related Supplies 2293 Tom Seagle Cancelled
Diesel Engine Repair Services 2323 Karen Smitherman Acts Fleet Maintenance Service, Inc
Conducted Electrical Weapons 2313 Diane Woods Taser International
Drug and Alcohol Testing Services 2321 Jay Garrison NetGain Corporation
Medical Supplies 2322 Josh French MMS Medical, Henry Schein, 4MD Medical Solutions & Moore Medical
Flu Mist Vaccine 2329 Jay Garrison Cancelled
Professional Engineering and Consulting Services 2330 Matt Myers CDM Smith, Inc.
Pickup Trucks 2327 Diane Woods Ray Varner Ford LLC
Diapers, Pullups and Wipes 2324 Josh French Global Infinity Enterprise
Minute Books and Paper 2326 Jay Garrison County Record Services, LLC
Defined Services for Non-Profit Agencies 2333 Josh French Various; Contact Buyer
Housing and Energy Services 2340 Donnie Fawver J D Jackson Contracting Company
Mowing Services 2325 Josh French McMillan Services, Inc.
Kitchen Equipment Maintenance 2311 Diane Woods Starr Equipment Company
Cylinder Collection Services 2335 Karen Smitherman Briceville Enterprises, LLC
Uninterrupted Power Sources 2338 Diane Woods Cancelled
Gibbs Middle School Roadway Improvements 2336 Karen Smitherman APAC-Atlantic, Inc.
Hardin Valley Middle School Roadway Improvements 2337 Karen Smitherman Twin K Construction, Inc.
Intersection Improvements 2343 Karen Smitherman Cancelled
School Bus Driver Training Services 2341 Jay Garrison Yellow Bus Transport Advisory
Addition and Renovations for Pond Gap Elementary 2334 Tom Seagle K & F Construction
Cargo Van 2342 Diane Woods Cancelled
Laundry Services 2345 Josh French Michael Dunn Center
Commercial Grade HVAC Installation and Repair Services 2328 Tom Seagle J & F Mechanical; Archer Air Conditioning
Dry Bulk Food Items 2347 Jay Garrison Cancelled
Radios and Antennas 2346 Jay Garrison Metro Communications
UPS Units 2362 Diane Woods Progression Electric, LLC
Auctioneering Services 2344 Tom Seagle Powell Auction and Realty
Building Reroofing Services 2351 Matt Myers Porter Roofing Contractors
Midway Area Community Plan 2352 Ben Sharbel Kostelec Planning
CAC Summer Milk Deliveries 2016 2353 Jay Garrison Borden Dairies, LLC
Vehicles 2360 Heather Seigmund Secret City Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
Construction Services 2359 Donnie Fawver Johnson & Galyon Contractors
Vehicles 2361 Jay Garrison D-Patrick, Inc. and TT of Columbia
Fitness Tracking Devices 2363 Josh French Cancelled
Splash Pad Water Controls 2354 Donnie Fawver Hydro-Tech Inc.
Portable Classrooms 2364 Tom Seagle Modular Solutions
Hilti Tools & Equipment 2350 Heather Seigmund Hilti, Inc.
Licensed Clinical Social Worker 2368 Jay Garrison Cancelled
Waste Tire Hauling Services 2366 Karen Smitherman Liberty Tire Recycling
Process Servers Services 2373 Ben Sharbel Cancelled
Stage Curtains and Installation Services 2370 Tom Seagle Tenn-Edd Products Company; Georgia Stage
Energy Education and Training Services 2372 Karen Smitherman Alliance to Save Energy
Centralized Banking Services 2365 Jay Garrison Cancelled
Condensing Units 2317 Diane Woods Starr Equipment Company
Food for Schools Commercial and Commodity Deliveries 2369 Jay Garrison Sysco
Sportspark Concession Operations 2374 Donnie Fawver Dale's Sporting Goods & Uniforms
Bottled Soft Drinks 2371 Diane Woods Pepsi Beverage Company
Intersection Improvements-Ebenezer Road and Gleason Drive 2375 Karen Smitherman Charles Blalock and Sons, Inc
Laser Scanner 2376 Diane Woods Faro Technologies
Brokerage & Consulting Services 2377 Josh French Trinity Benefit Advisors
Asbestos Abatement and Demolition Services 2349 Tom Seagle Stooksbury Construction; Complete Demolition Services; Helton and Associates; E.Luke Geene Company; NEO Corporation
Milk and Milk Products 2378 Jay Garrison Mayfield Dairy Farms, LLC
Bread for Knox County Schools 2380 Jay Garrison Bimbo Bakeries
Plumbing Services 2384 Tom Seagle Engert Plumbing and Heating
Food and Catering Providers 2367 Josh French Jubilee Banquet Facility; Baron's, Inc. d/b/a Rothchild Catering
Hot Mix Hauling, Placement, Sidewalk and Curbing FY2017 2383 Karen Smitherman Rogers Group, Inc.
Dental Equipment 2382 Josh French Henry Schein, Inc.
Harrell Road Park Parking Lot 2386 Karen Smitherman Southern Constructors, Inc.
Vehicle Leases for Knox County Schools 2387 Jay Garrison Cancelled
Doors and Related Supplies 2385 Tom Seagle Cancelled
Scrap Metal Services 2391 Karen Smitherman Cancelled no bids received
National Drive Signalization 2390 Karen Smitherman Progression Electric, LLC
Fuel Card Services 2395 Karen Smitherman Pilot Flying J
Hot Mix Materials 2396 Karen Smitherman APAC-Atlantic, Inc., Duracap Asphalt Paving Co., Inc. and Rogers Group, Inc.
Interpreter and Translator Services 2398 Heather Seigmund All World Language Consultants
Trail Construction Services 2399 Donnie Fawver 901 Company
Facility Based Work Adjustment Training 2394 Jay Garrison Goodwill Industries, Inc.
Halls Greenway Connector 2402 Karen Smitherman HS Construction and Excavating, LLC
Third Party Billing Services 2401 Heather Seigmund University Physicians Association
Housing and Energy Services 2400 Donnie Fawver Pioneer Builders, Inc.
Knox County Schools Maintenance Roof Upgrades 2410 Tom Seagle Henley Roofing