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Watershed Initiatives

A watershed is the area of land that drains to a particular point.  Watersheds come in all sizes—some are millions of square miles, while others are just a few acres. Valley creeks drain into rivers, and small rivers run into larger rivers.   Watersheds are not confined to political boundaries, so many people must work together to create plans to clean up watersheds.

Everyone Lives in A Watershed!

Knox County Stormwater Management is involved in a number of watershed initiatives.  These initiatives combine the talents of many different people to examine pollution problems in a particular watershed; come up with solutions to help fix the problems; and put those ideas into action to bring about positive changes in a watershed.  No single government agency, business or individual can repair a damaged watershed.  It takes all of us to effect change. 

As part of the watershed initiatives, Knox County Stormwater Management is working to promote and implement low impact development, stormwater retrofits, educational campaigns, monitoring, etc in conjunction with our other partners.  Some of the watershed initiatives have received federal recognition for the work being done by the members and for the community.  Knox County Stormwater Management is involved in the following watershed initiatives.  Please click on each one to explore it further:

Beaver Creek Watershed Initiative

Stock Creek Watershed Initiative

Bull Run Creek Watershed Initiative

Lower Clinch Watershed Initiative

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