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The Bull Run Creek Watershed Bullrun Creek watershed drains a 104 square mile area of land that includes parts of Anderson, Grainger, Knox and Union counties before discharging into Melton Hill Reservoir. The city of Maynardville and communities of Paulette, Heiskell and Claxton are located within the watershed. The State of Tennessee recently classified Bullrun Creek as impaired by pollution and not fully meeting its designated uses which in part prompted the formation of the Bullrun Creek Restoration Initiative.

If water quality in Bullrun Creek is to be restored, both point source and non-point source pollution types must be addressed. Cost share funds, technical assistance and economic incentives are available to assist land owners in the watershed who want to voluntarily implement non-point source pollution management practices. A good first step is to have a conservation plan developed for your property. Not only does an implemented plan protect water quality, it will also improve productivity of your land.

A group of concerned landowners has decided to form the Bullrun Creek Watershed Association. They meet regularly to identify ways they can improve the water quality of Bullrun Creek and its tributaries. If you would like to join this group, please contact Parci Gibson at 865-215-5861 or to find out about the next meeting.

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