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KCHD and Coordinated School Health announce 2014/2015 Youth Health Board members

News Image Left to right, back row: Briauna Blevins, Katie Walsh, Austin Hoag, Mark Underwood, Eric Stickles, Mathew Saunders, Clay Wilkinson, Nic Clevenger, Maddie Jennings. Middle row: Olivia Andrews, Kaitlin Ladha, Hailey McDonald, Madeline Lonas, Katie Testament, Christina Paris, Sami Jo DePetro, Katherine Fu, Jaida Hill. Front row: JaNiyah Rowans, Vinila Baljepally, Jaden Hodges, Cristy Dodson, Savannah Watson, Libby Wilson, Eunice Baek

The Knox County Health Department and Coordinated School Health announce 2014/2015 Youth Health Board members

A collaborative effort between the Knox County Health Department (KCHD) and Coordinated School Health, the Youth Health Board serves as a forum for youth to affect our community’s wellbeing through volunteer activities and service-learning projects.

Thirty-one Knox County high school students started their year of service on this youth-driven board with a retreat August 1, 2014, at the Knoxville Zoo. The 2014/2015 members are:

Austin-East High School
Jaida Hill, 11th grade
JaNiyah Rowans, 10th grade

Bearden High School
Vinila Baljepally, 10th grade
Christina Paris, 11th grade
Selena Patel, 12th grade

Catholic High School
Jack Staley, 11th grade

Central High School
Hailey McDonald, 9th grade
Katie Walsh, 10th grade

Farragut High School
Eunice Baek, 10th grade
Katherine Fu, 11th grade
Austin Hoag, 10th grade
Mathew Saunders, 11th grade

Gibbs High School
Clay Wilkinson, 12th grade

Halls High School
Briauna Blevins, 10th grade
Sami Jo DePetro, 11th grade

Hardin Valley Academy
Haley Bauman, 10th grade
Mariam Shakir, 11th grade
Eric Stickles, 10th grade
Mark Underwood, 11th grade

Karns High School
Cristy Dodson, 11th grade
Savannah Watson, 12th grade

L&N STEM Academy
Emma Talley, 11th grade
Kathryn Testament, 11th grade
Madeline Lonas, 11th grade

Powell High School
Olivia Andrews, 11th grade
Jaden Hodges, 11th grade

South Doyle High School
Maddie Jennings, 11th grade
Libby Wilson, 11th grade

West High School
Nicolas Clevenger, 11th grade
Ella Walsh, 11th grade

Webb High School
Kaitlin Ladha, 9th grade

Youth Health Board members are selected from an applicant pool of high school students who demonstrate leadership skills, a commitment to the community and an interest in health-related issues. Past activities include: working with KCHD to develop a conference for teens; coordinating volunteer projects at the Boys and Girls Club; and hosting an anti-tobacco public display. For more information, contact Brooke Bock at (865) 215-5170 or

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