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It's FluMist Time!

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The health department's in-school flu vaccination clinics begin Sept. 16. Be sure to register your child by filling out the consent form.

The Knox County Health Department (KCHD) is again partnering with Knox County elementary and middle schools, private schools, Head Starts, and child care facilities to offer influenza vaccinations or FluMist in the school setting to eligible children ages 6 months to 19 years of age. Influenza usually enters a community through children, and children are known to be the major transmitter of flu to other persons. This collaborative effort creates a healthier community and helps keep our children in school and schools open.

In an effort to sustain the program and remove barriers to vaccination for all kids, KCHD utilizes multiple funding methods. One method is to bill your insurance for the vaccination. If you have insurance, complete the insurance information on the consent form. We will not send a bill to you; we will only bill your insurance company. Another method is through donations by local organizations and individuals. We have partnered with the Metropolitan Drug Commission, a 501c3, to accept charitable donations for the vaccination program. The donations are tax deductible. On the electronic consent form, there is an opportunity for you to donate money to cover the costs for children who do not have insurance.

Consent Forms

No child will be vaccinated without a completed, signed and returned consent form. You may complete the form online at This feature should be a time-saver for parents and will enable KCHD staff to more efficiently manage this complex program. Your participation in the online process is greatly appreciated.

h4>Vaccination Clinic Dates

Monday, September 16 ? Friday, October 11

Vaccination Clinic Schedule

Click here to find out when the vaccination clinic comes to your school.

NOTE: This year, children under the age of nine who have not previously been vaccinated with influenza vaccine will need two (2) doses of influenza vaccine separated by at least one month. Phase Two of the in-school vaccination clinics will be conducted December 3 - 18. If your child misses his or her school?s clinic date, you may take them to any health department location for a influenza vaccine.

For more information

If you have questions about influenza vaccination, we encourage you to ask your school nurse, call your doctor?s office, or go to If you have questions about the vaccination clinics, please click here to email us.

The Knox County Health Department strongly advocates influenza vaccinations to prevent the spread of disease. Your input on KCHD?s programs is important to us. Please click here to take our survey. Thank you!

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