Knox County District Attorney General - Charme P. Allen

DA's Office Organizational Chart

Upon her election in September 2014, District Attorney General Charme Allen restructured the Office, implemented a chain of command, and added or reactivated several new prosecution units.  General Allen appointed Samuel Lee as Chief Deputy of the Office, and also appointed William Crabtree, Leland Price, and Kyle Hixson as Deputies of their respective assignments, courts, or units.  She added the following units to the Office:  Career Criminal/Gang Unit, Domestic Violence Unit, and Elder Abuse Unit and reactivated the White Collar Unit.  She also created a Community Affairs Coordinator position and 8 Project Manager positions, all of which are the culmination of General Allen’s innovative ideas on how to advance the Office.

The DA’s Office Organization as outlined in this chart is effective as of September 21, 2015, highlighting a few new changes General Allen has made to the Office structure since her election.  General Samuel Lee is now assigned to specifically oversee Juvenile Court, in addition to overseeing all other staff members and positions.  General William Crabtree is currently assigned to provide Legal Guidance and Trial Strategies, while also overseeing Attorney Development.  General Leland Price is currently assigned to oversee the Special Units, Grand Jury, and Investigations, while General Kyle Hixson is currently assigned to oversee the Criminal Courts, General Sessions Courts, and Screening Processes.  Additionally, General Allen has added a Policy Adviser position to her Administrative Staff and an Expungement Screening position to the Office.



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