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Crack Dealer Sentenced to Fifteen Years after Fighting with Officers

Posted: 11/16/2016

Prosecutors in DA Charme Allen’s Felony Drug Unit obtained a conviction against a crack cocaine dealer who tried to pull a gun on officers then tried to take the officer’s gun.  George Marsh, 42, was convicted of Possession with Intent to Sell Cocaine in a Drug Free School Zone.  Under the terms of the plea agreement, Marsh must serve fifteen years in prison without the possibility of parole.

In a plea hearing before Judge Bob McGee, Assistant District Attorney Hector Sanchez explained to the Court that on June 7, 2014, Knoxville Police Department Officer Jacob Wilson and Sergeant Todd Foster were on foot patrol in the Western Heights housing development when they watched Marsh make a hand-to-hand drug sale.  When Marsh saw the officers, he fled and then tried to fight the officers.  During the fight, Marsh pulled a .38 special revolver from his pocket, but Ofc. Wilson was able to disarm him.  Marsh continued to fight with police, tried to grab the revolver from Sgt. Foster, and tried to take Ofc. Wilson’s sidearm from his holster.  Once Marsh was handcuffed, officers discovered that he was in possession of an eight ball or eighth of an ounce of crack cocaine.

“Police officers face life and death situations every day,” said DA Charme Allen.  “Despite these dangers, the brave men and women of law enforcement are willing to take on that challenge to protect our community.”

Marsh has two prior felony convictions for selling cocaine.  Because the offense occurred near Beaumont Elementary School, Marsh is not eligible for parole and must serve every day of his fifteen-year sentence.

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