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Partial Reimbursement for Compatible Activity Tracking Devices

There are many ways to earn points through our wellness program. One way is by being active throughout the day. Activity trackers can help you record progress toward personal activity goals and let you compete with coworkers. If you are interested in tracking your activity, a wearable device may be the right option for you.

Requirements for Partial Reimbursement

Employees who are covered by Knox County health insurance can be reimbursed up to $30 for the purchase of Fitbits or other Go365 compatible activity trackers. Employees with a covered spouse can be reimbursed for up to two devices. Devices purchased between Jan. 1, 2016 to Jan. 31, 2017 (and after your date of hire) are eligible. Receipts must be submitted by Feb. 3.

  1. Pick a Device
    Click here to see compatible activity trackers. The devices available for reimbursement, type of data Vitality receives from each device (steps, calories or heart rate) and how data is synced to Vitality (through website or mobile app). Smart scales are not compatible with Vitality, but select models are eligible for reimbursement (Fitbit Aria, Garmin Index and Polar Balance). If you have questions about the eligibility of a device, email
  2. Shop for the Best Price
    Employees can submit a receipt from any retailer of new reimbursable activity trackers. Make your reimbursement count by shopping around and finding the best price.
    The HumanaVitality Mall is one place to find low prices on devices, and the devices are shipped for free. Devices are often discounted by $25 or more on the Mall compared to typical retail prices. Follow these instructions for making a cash purchase through the Vitality Mall (purchases made with Vitality Bucks are not eligible for reimbursement).
  3. Request Reimbursement

    Email the following to

    1. Employee Name:
    2. Employee Number:
    3. Spouse Name (if requesting for two devices):
    4. Number of Devices Purchased (1 of 2):
    5. Brand/Model of Device(s) Purchased:
    6. A copy of your receipt that clearly identifies (highlighted or circled) the type of device purchased and a purchase date in 2016. A scanned copy sent by computer or a clear photograph emailed from your phone will be sufficient.

    If approved, you will receive reimbursement within 4 weeks following your request. A paper copy of the above can be submitted in person to Benefits.

Activity Tracker Q&A

Do I need a tracker to earn Platinum Status in HumanaVitality?

No, there are many paths to Platinum, and employees are encouraged to pick the path that is best for them. Using a tracker can be a fun way to earn points and compete with coworkers -- They are not necessary to participate in Vitality.

How many reimbursements are available?

By January 31, 2017, up to 650 reimbursements will be provided. A notification email will be sent when there are only 100 remaining reimbursements or the deadline is approaching.

Will Benefits know how active I am during the day? 

Benefits won't know your daily steps or if you are earning Vitality Points by using a tracker. If you join an employer sponsored challenge, Benefits will be able to see the leader board.

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