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Customer Service: To resolve technical issues, please contact Humana customer service using the Go365 chat features of the number on your insurance card.

For requirement questions, computer access or to document ongoing technical issues, please contact Benefits.

2018 Preferred Rate Requirements

Employees and covered spouses who are covered continuously from Jan. 1, 2017 – Sept. 30, 2017 have the opportunity to earn preferred insurance rates in 2018 and up to $300 each in additional rewards. Requirements include completing the Go365 health assessment, a biometrics form with a clinician and reaching Silver Status (or the point equivalent – see below) by Sept. 30, 2017. Click the link for a PDF copy of the preferred rate requirements poster.

Silver Status or Point Equivalent Requirement

If you carry adult children (18+) on your plan, you only need to reach the Silver Status point equivalent of not having the adult child(ren) on the plan. Your account will not show Silver Status when you have reached the point equivalent:

  • Covered Employee: Earn 5000 Points
  • Covered Employee & Spouse: Earn 8000 Total Points

Click the link to see two examples of how to reach Silver Status. Humana customer service representatives are happy to assist you if you need help mapping out a pathway to Silver.

HumanaVitality/Go365 Member Transition FAQ

On January 1, Go365 replaced HumanaVitality. All of your HumanaVitality program information transfers to the new program. Learn more by clicking here.

Program and Points Guide

Click the link to see the Go365 How to Earn Points guide. It outlines many of the ways you can earn points. This is the place to go to learn more about Go365 and get started earning rewards.

Important Wellness & Privacy Notices

Please follow this link to learn more about requesting an alternative standard and protections from disclosure of your medical information.

Go365 Worksite Flyers

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