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Knox County provides access to voluntary benefits through Aflac. The benefits are supplemental to your group insurance coverage and premiums are paid 100% by you. Voluntary benefits offered are:

  • Disability: Aflac’s group disability plan can help protect your income by offering disability benefits to help with income while you are out of work. Benefits are paid directly to you when you are unable to work, up to 60% of your salary with benefit beginning at $300 a month. All premiums are payroll deducted and you are able to keep this coverage should you change jobs.
  • Accident: In the event of a covered accident, the plan pays cash benefits fast to help with the costs associated with out-of-pocket expenses and bills—expenses major medical may not take care of, including: ambulance rides; wheelchairs, crutches, and other medical appliances; emergency room visits; surgery and anesthesia; and bandages, stitches, and casts. All benefits are paid directly to you and you may keep this coverage should you change jobs.
  • Critical Illness: After the waiting period, a lump sum benefit is payable upon initial diagnosis of a covered critical illness. Employee benefit amounts available from $5,000 to $50,000. Spouse coverage is also available in benefit amounts up to $25,000. Payable benefits include: cancer, heart attack, stroke, major organ transplant, renal failure, carcinoma in situ, and coronary artery bypass surgery.
  • Hospital Indemnity: Will your major medical insurance cover all of your bills? Supplemental hospital indemnity insurance provides financial help to enhance your current coverage. Your health insurance plan may only pay a portion of the total expenses a hospital stay or medical treatment requires. Supplemental hospital indemnity helps cover and deductibles, co-pays or any additional out of pocket expenses.
    Also new for 2016, those enrolled in voluntary benefits through Aflac will now receive additional benefits to their existing plans.
  • Health Advocacy: Employees will have 24/7 access to Personal Health Advocates who start helping from the first call, from finding specialists and helping with eldercare issues to clarifying coverage, addressing claim denials and even scheduling appointments.
  • Medical Bill SaverTM: With Medical Bill Saver, employees will be aided in negotiating their medical bills not covered by health insurance. Send the bill in and skilled negotiators will try to negotiate discounts, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars.
  • Telemedicine: Employees can quickly connect with board-certified, U.S. licensed health providers online 24/7/365. From care coordination, to real-time video or telephone visits with a provider, to ePrescriptions, it’s a faster, easier way for employees to get medical care, while saving time and money.
  • Wellness: This benefit is payable after premiums have been paid for 12 months and while coverage is in force. We will pay the amount shown once each 12-month period for each covered person for the following.
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