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Knox County Procurement

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ATTENTION: All potential vendors MUST be registered with the Procurement Division PRIOR to the issuance of a Purchase Order or Bid Submittal

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Name of Solication Bid Number Buyer Succesful Vendor
Networking Materials 2355 Ben Sharbel Anixter, Inc.
Printer Monitoring Software and Equipment 2388 Josh French MSA, Inc.
Fuel Card Services 2395 Karen Smitherman Pilot Flying J
Hot Mix Materials 2396 Karen Smitherman APAC-Atlantic, Inc., Duracap Asphalt Paving Co., Inc. and Rogers Group, Inc.
Interpreter and Translator Services 2398 Heather Whitehead All World Language Consultants
Trail Construction Services 2399 Donnie Fawver 901 Company
Facility Based Work Adjustment Training 2394 Jay Garrison Goodwill Industries, Inc.
Halls Greenway Connector 2402 Karen Smitherman HS Construction and Excavating, LLC
Third Party Billing Services 2401 Heather Whitehead University Physicians Association
Housing and Energy Services 2400 Donnie Fawver Pioneer Builders, Inc.
Credit Card Processing Services 2409 Ben Sharbel Gila, LLC d/b/a Municipal Services Bureau (MSB)
Scrap Metal Services 2403 Karen Smitherman PSC Metals, Inc.
School Equipment for the Visually Impaired 2406 Josh French Cancelled-No Award
Financial Advisory Services 2405 Jay Garrison Cumberland Securities Company, Inc. and The PFM Group
Section 125 Administrator 2411 Josh French American Fidelity
Knox County Surplus Real Property Auction Online Auction Ben Sharbel Contact Ben Sharbel at 215-5765
Behavioral Health Urgent Care Center 2404 Matt Myers Helen Ross McNabb Center
Knox County Schools Maintenance Roof Upgrades 2410 Tom Seagle Henley Roofing
Doors and Related Supplies 2412 Tom Seagle William S. Trimble Company
Gym Floor Repair, Refinish and Replacement Services 2414 Tom Seagle Finchum Sports Floors
Whiteboard Skins 2413 Tom Seagle Cancelled
Roofing Supplies 2415 Tom Seagle Roofing Supply Group
Uniforms for Knox County School Nutrition 2416 Jay Garrison Wolfe Medical
Cafeteria Disposables and Chemicals 2428 Jay Garrison American Paper and Twine
Bond Counsel Services 2425 Matt Myers Bass, Berry, Sims, PLC
Landscaping Services 2426 Karen Smitherman Volunteer Erosion Control, LLC
Pre Sort Mail Services 2432 Jay Garrison Williamsburg Mailing Services
Cultural Competency Training 2431 Josh French Canceled
Powell Middle School Sidewalks 2429 Karen Smitherman Design and Construction Services, Inc
Unarmed Security Guard Services 2430 Heather Whitehead Walden Security
Assessment Management Tool 2436 Josh French PowerSchool and Mastery Connect
School Equipment for the Visually Impaired 2435 Josh French Humanware USA, LLC
Roof Upgrades to Fulton High School 2433 Tom Seagle Henley Roofing Company
Collection Services for Knox County Schools 2438 Jay Garrison Cancelled
Inmate Mattresses 2440 Jay Garrison Bob Barker Company
Batteries 2441 Jay Garrison Cancelled
Printing Services for the Election Commission 2443 Josh French The Universal Group
Pavement Marking Materials and Striping Services 2434 Karen Smitherman Volunteer Highway Supply Co, Inc
Inmate Radios 2442 Jay Garrison Bob Barker Company
GPS Equipment 2444 Karen Smitherman Duncan-Parnell, Inc.
Maintenance of Proprietary Water Quality Devices 2446 Karen Smitherman Cancelled
Outfitter Services 2447 Donnie Fawver River Sports Outfitters
Playground Protective Surface Materials 2448 Tom Seagle Magic Mulch; Kellems Recycling
Motorcycles 2445 Jay Garrison Alcoa Good Times
Heavy Duty Office Chairs 2437 Jay Garrison A&W Supply
CAC FEMA Food 2016 2454 Jay Garrison Galot, Inc.
Small and Light Equipment 2451 Karen Smitherman Bobcat of Knoxville, Inc.
Green Waste Recycling Services 2453 Karen Smitherman Nature's Best Organincs, Tennessee
Instant Coffee and Corn Flake Chewy 2450 Jay Garrison Kimbles Commissary
Architectural and Engineering Services 2452 Tom Seagle Cope and Associates; Lewis Group Architects; McCarty Hosaple McCarty
Musical Instruments 2455 Josh French Lane Music, Inc.
Whiteboard Skins 2459 Tom Seagle Shiffler Equipment and Educational Services
Housing and Energy Services for CAC 2462 Donnie Fawver Accurate Home Services and Improvements, Mahogany Development, Inc, National Services, LLC
Victim Advocate Services 2461 Matt Myers YWCA of Knoxville
Senior Center Naming Rights 2463 Josh French Covenant Health, Inc.
Powell Roadscapes Project 2457 Karen Smitherman Volunteer Erosion Control, LLC
Uniform and Facility Service Rentals 2449 Donnie Fawver Aramark, G & K Services, and Unifirst Corporation
Window Washing Services 2458 Tom Seagle Blind Genie
Printing for Senior Directory 2466 Josh French Print One, Inc.
Workers Compensation for E911 2467 Josh French Consolidated Insurance Services
CCTV Maintenance and Equipment 2465 Heather Whitehead Audio Visual Communications, Inc.
Pest Control Services 2464 Tom Seagle Kirklands Pest Control, LLC
Telemedicine Peripherals 2471 Josh French Cancelled
Cargo Vans 2472 Tom Seagle Carriage Nissan
Badges 2473 Jay Garrison Lawmen's and Shooter's Supply
Installation, Troubleshooting and Repair of School Bus GPS Equipment 2474 Heather Whitehead Clarke Power Supply
Tire Processing Services 2476 Karen Smitherman Liberty Tire Recycling
Heavy Equipment Parts and Repair 2475 Karen Smitherman Dickson County Equipment; Stowers Machinery Corp; Water's Equipment Co; West Hills Tractor, Inc.
Commercial Water Softener System 2477 Jay Garrison Cancelled
Installation Services for Cable Networking 2469 Josh French Digital Group LLC
Produce for Government 2479 Jay Garrison Sysco
Telemedicine Peripherals 2481 Josh French Cancelled
Karns Valley Connector 2482 Karen Smitherman Jones Bros., Inc.
Consultant Services for the Knox County ADA Self Evaluation and Transition 2480 Ben Sharbel Kimley-Horn and Associates
Professional Engineering and Design Services 2478 Donnie Fawver EQUINOX
Cargo Vans 2484 Jay Garrison Reeder Chevrolet
Video Detection Traffic Systems 2468 Karen Smitherman Progression Electric, LLC
Zero Turn Side Discharge Mowers 2488 Donnie Fawver Commercial Cutting Equipment, Inc.
Mowing Services for CAC Head Start Centers 2485 Josh French Antonio’s Lawn Service
Kimberlin Heights Road Bridge Replacement 2489 Matt Myers Whaley & Sons, Inc.
Construction Management Services 2491 Ben Sharbel Partners Development
Seventeen (17) Passenger Buses 2486 Josh French Mid-South Bus Center
Printing Systems and Supplies 2496 Josh French Presentation Solutions
Maintenance of Proprietary Water Quality Devices 2483 Karen Smitherman HEPACO, LLC
Employee Psychological Services 2492 Jay Garrison Helen Ross McNabb Center, Inc.
Facility Recycling Services 2490 Karen Smitherman Waste Management, Waste Connections of Tennessee, Inc., Stericycle d/b/a Shred-It, LLC, and Diversified Plastics, Inc.
Water Treatment Chemicals for Cooling Towers and Boilers 2497 Tom Seagle Hydro Tech, Inc
Patrol Watercraft 2493 Jay Garrison Carolina Composites, Inc
Termite Control Services 2502 Tom Seagle Bruce Terminix Company
Hygiene Products 2501 Jay Garrison Mid-States Services
Diagnostic Wheel Alignment System 2505 Ben Sharbel Snap-On Industrustrial
Indigent Primary Care Services 2506 Heather Whitehead Cherokee Health Systems
Officer Clothing and Accessories 2508 Jay Garrison Craig’s Firearm Supply, Inc., Summit Uniform Solutions, Inc. and MTCM Enterprises, Inc., dba Greene Military, dba Kay Uniforms
Collection Services for Knox County Schools 2498 Jay Garrison I C System, Inc.
Purchase and Maintenance/Repair of Washers and Dryers 2509 Jay Garrison Laundry Systems of Tennessee, Laundry Systems of the Carolinas
CAC Summer Milk Deliveries for 2017 2516 Jay Garrison Borden Dairy Company of Kenutcky, LLC
Produce for Schools 2511 Jay Garrison T and T Produce
Checkpoint Firewall Upgrade & Installation Services 2507 Josh French Cancelled
Professional Engineering and Design Services 2515 Ben Sharbel Will Robinson & Associates
Pedestrian Safety Improvements 2514 Karen Smitherman Southern Constructors, Inc.
Bridge Repairs 2499 Karen Smitherman Southern Constructors, Inc.
Plumbing Supplies 2520 Matt Myers Home Depot, Kenny Pipe and Supply, Ferguson Enterprises
Hybrid Vehicles 2521 Josh French Southeastern Fleet Management
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act One-Stop Operator 2524 Josh French Cancelled
Loan Servicing for Community Development 2526 Josh French Cancelled
Beverage Dispensing Systems and Syrups 2531 Donnie Fawver Cancelled
Transcription Services 2540 Heather Whitehead Precise Transcripts