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R-13-7-905   R-13-7-905    
Meeting Date: 07/22/2013  
Requested By: Jolie Bonavita, COUNTY COMMISSION
Requires Expenditure of Funds: Funded in Current Budget:
Appropriation Required:

Consideration of a Resolution of the Commission of Knox County, Tennessee 1) directing the Knox County Finance Director to, subject to Knoxville City Council's action of same, put a hold on implementing the City-County Building Garage monthly parking rate increase effective January 1, 2013 to $60.00 for Knox County employees paying the full rate and $30.00 for those employees paying the 50% rate and 2) requesting the City-County-PBA Parking Committee to reconvene, subject to Knoxville City Council's action of same, as recommended in the City-County-PBA Parking Committee Report dated May 18, 2010, to review the parking rate and structure and other matters affecting parking policies and submit its findings and recommendations to the County Commission, City Council, Board of Education and PBA Board of Directors for their consideration and approval. (DEFERRED FROM NOVEMBER)
(Commissioners Broyles and Brown)
Work Session Recommendation: Defer to January

Resolution from Nov. 2012
May 2010 parking report

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