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R-13-2-803   R-13-2-803    
Work Session
Meeting Date: 02/19/2013  
Requested By: Ben Sharbel, PURCHASING
Department: PROCUREMENT  
Requires Expenditure of Funds: Funded in Current Budget:
Appropriation Required:

Consideration of a Resolution of the Commission of Knox County, Tennessee approving agreements of sale with Knoxville Habitat for Humanity, Inc. for surplus properties located at 242 E. Anderson Avenue for $3,500.00; 2103 Washington Pike for $3,500.00; 0 W. Woodland Avenue for $501.00; and 4919 Lincoln Drive for $501.00.

Sales Contract - 242 E. Anderson
Sales Contract 2103 Washington
Sales Contract 4919 Lincoln
Sales Contract 0 W. Woodland
Property Details

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